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Brew You Own Beer TV moves into production

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Jason Petros and Justin Crossley for BYOB TV
Got an email last week from Justin Crossley (Brewing Network) asking if I’d like to shoot some stills during production of brew your own beer TV. Well hell yes, I’m just as curious about this show as everyone else. So I showed up Sunday morning on site to what looked to be experienced homebrewers setting up their rigs for a typical brew day. Look deeper and you saw these homebrewers had the same t-shirts, some with differents colors (read teams).
I learned a few things about the show that day and I’m excited to see the results. Think homebrewers teamed up and presented with brewing challenges along with twists to those challenges and eventual elimination. I already saw some good possibility for character development and more importantly was impressed with the producer (Mike), who looks to be a veteran of the broadcast industry. Just imagine sitting on the sofa watching a reality show about homebrewing. I’m sure my wife and kids will be thrilled as I throw something at the TV screen and yell, “why the HELL did they put THAT in the boil kettle!” or “oh you idiot, I hope you get eliminated!”.
Cool stuff and I look forward to more news coming up about the show. I hopefully will take more shots for Justin and Co. so look for those in the future here and probably BYOB TV’s facebook page. Until then click on any pic for a bigger version.

Justin and JP getting warmed upSecond day of production and the guys looked to be rested and ready to go.

Contestant Sean on Brew you own Beer TVContestant Sean….will he make the cut?

JP and Justin listening to contestantsJason and Justin making the initial rounds of talking to the homebrew teams.

Justin Crossley interviewing contestantsGetting a sense of what the “blue team” will be up to for this challenge.

Producer Mike working out a shotProducer Mike working out the next shots with the entire group.

BYOB TV show contestantsSome of faces that you will be cheering for and playing armchair homebrewer with. Who will be the good and who will be the nemesis?

Beer and Cheese from the British Isles at the Commonwealth in Oakland

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Commonwealth Pub sign
Last Sunday at the Commmonwealth Cafe and Pub in Oakland, Cicerone Nicole Erny held her British Isles beer and cheese pairing event. After a day at Triple Rock sampling sour beers amongst the crowds I was quite happy to get to this event. Seating was limited here and the ambiance was terrific, a great way to relax and get some focus towards pairings. Outside of this, it was also great to see some Bay Area Mashers there (AJ, Lee Shepard, and others) along with Nate Smith (part time masher!) and Chaz Lakip (traveled down Beer and Cheese with Nicole Erny at the Commonwealth Pubfrom Juneau, AK).
After settling up on cost and enjoying some conversation with a pint of 21st Amendment’s very excellent Bitter American (way better than I imagined, can’t wait till it comes out in cans). We were promptly seated and the event began. I won’t go into too much detail but Nicole really does her homework for her events. Along with some history of both the beers and cheese we were tasting, she presented pairings that I wouldn’t have thought doable. You would think some of these cheeses would just overpower the beer but they didn’t. Amazing what the odiferous washed rind cheese brought out in the milk stout or how the stilton treated the Scotch Ale. None of the beers (and one cider) I’ve had before, certainly not the cheese. While I came to learn something, I also had a door opened up in terms of possibilities of what you can come up with. There is a lot going on with pairing beer and cheese, more so than I imagined. Thanks for the head start.
Trust me, you are doing a disservice by missing a Nicole event. Check out the few shots below and clicky on them for a bigger version.
Cheers and don’t forget the cheese with your next beer.

Cicerone Nicole ErnyNicole holding court. She keeps her events on track and gets your attention for every course so you will learn something.

Great cheese and Cider at the Commonwealth Cafe and PubI’m going to take a shot and say that this one was the raw milk cave aged cheese paired with a naturally fermented cider. Makes my mouth water just looking at it again.

Stilton in front of Meantime Scotch AleI’m not much for Meantime but this was an exception. Went very well with the out of focus piece of stilton in front of it.

The lone pint Commonwealth Cafe and Pub in OaklandTill next time…..

Bay Area Mashers meet at Linden St. Brewing

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Bay Area Mashers Glassware

Last Thursday, the Bay Area Mashers held their monthly club meeting at Linden Street Brewing Company. Linden owner and brewmaster Adam Lamoreaux, always the gratious host and all around nice guy, Adam Lamoreaux with a rare Brooklyn Brewing beerhad two of his beers on tap for club members. Linden Street is a fantastic space and a fun easy going place to hang out.
The big topic of the night during the actual meeting portion was the World Cup of Beer. This long time BAM sponsered event was held at the Trumer Brewery in Berkeley. BAM had a record number of entries, well in to the 600 range. Entries (and medals) came and went out to several states. It is fair to state that World Cup of Beer is a national level competition at this point and I can only assume that their will be even more entries next year. The other good news is that the event ran very well and BAM got plenty of compliments from attendess. I’m sad that I missed the event but I certainly hope to make it next year.
There was leftover entry beer from the comp and members were welcome to open some and try them out. The quality was high in general and I remember trying a very clean and drinkable american pale ale and an amazing cherry wood smoked robust porter. Subtle smoke that hit you towards the end.
Of course the company was great and always good to see members I already know and to meet a few new ones as well. Looking forward to next months meeting.
For more photos, please go here.

Linden street tap handles

Blending sour beers at The Trappist with Belgain Brewmaster, Sam Quartier

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Brewmaster Sam Quartier addressing crowd

Yesterday in Oakland, The Trappist saw a visit from Belgain Brewmaster Sam Quartier from Brouwerij Bockor. Sam gave a seminar on blending Flemish sour beers and The Trappist once again provided the venue for a great event.warm up beer: Allagash Curieux The event started at 6pm on St. Patrick’s Day and for a day where ordinaries come out of the closet to swim in Irish beer (or otherwise), I thought it was nice to celebrate the beer portion in an environment with beer lovers who gathered to learn a few things about sours.
Since I was traveling solo, it was good to run into some friends and acquaintances. Present were Justin and Chad from the Brewing Network, Randy and Jessie from, Lee Shephard from the Bay Area Mashers, Beer Chef Bruce Paton, and of course Nicole Erny who was working the event that night. Some of us exchanged buying a coupleunblended lambic from Brouwerij Bockor rounds before the event and I tried Duvel Green for the first time (6.5% non-refermented version of regular Duvel…I like it) and enjoyed an Allagash Curieux, a long time favorite.  I pulled up a stool with a few folks and the seminar got underway with a brief introduction from the Artisanal Imports folks, the carriers for Bockor beers. Then Brewmaster Charles Quartier got started with a history of Belgian beers, his brewery, and other brewery/beer information. The beers we tasted were blends of two beers: a “young beer” (a non-soured wheat beer basically) and a sour version created by cooling the wort on the breweries rooftop….where it gets its wild yeasts. We tried the new beer first (folks who were Cantillon fans said this one was on the sweet side). Then we sampled a blend of that with 25%of the sour beer. Then a 50 50 blend. Then 75 25. With just the sour unblended in the end. During this time Sam was discussing the blends with us and folks asked questions as well. We also talked about the blends amongst ourselves at our table. Great stuff and my idea of fun. The last beer we tried was the sour with a dose malt extract blended in. I enjoyed that one as it had a bit more mouthfeel and maybe some residual sweetness back to a sour that was quite dry (as it should be). The presentation and tastings were worth every bit of the nine bucks I paid at the door.blending new and sour lambic
When the seminar ended and the crowd applauded, we were given the opportunity to try an 85% blend and socialize around.  Got the opportunity to finally meet Brian Hunt from Moonlight Brewing and thank him for all the fine beers he’s produced and I’ve enjoyed. I asked him about “old combine” and he said he has a batch in fermentation right now. Old Combine is a nice grainy lager that has a range of base malts in the mash. Great warmer weather sipper with that nice Moonlight twist to it. I decided to finish off with a Moonlight Bombay by Boat IPA, a little more conversation, and off a few of us went to BART to call it a fairly early night.
Another great event by The Trappist and I look forward to the next one. Like other great events, The Trappist only has to worry about accommodating the bigger and bigger crowds at this point.

Brian Hunt Nicole Erny and Sam Quartier