Take it to the Brewer presents: Scott Cramlet, Brewmaster for Rubicon Brewing Co.

scott cramletOK, after many delays, we are proud to post the audio interview of Scott Cramlet. As mentioned before, Scott is a hard working, no nonsense guy who has putting out great beers at Rubicon for 17 years now. He is the respect of many in the industry. With the new management at Rubicon, we are also seeing a return to competition on their beers….with some award wins already in the bag.
Scott took his one day off to spend time with us on the interview. Besides our appreciation for everything else, we certainly appreciate that the most! The day was warm and Scott rode his bicycle down to the brewery to meet us. We got to the business of interviewing right away and spent time talking about a wide variety of topics including: his beers, his brewing philosophies, side projects, bottling Rubicon beers, and ideas on what may get bottled in the future. A great interview and hopefully we help to spread the word about Rubicon beers.
Scott definitely treated us well and we do appreciate the hospitality and the beers we tried. Enjoy the interview.

Interview is located on our Take it to the Brewer page.

For photos we took during the interview, go here.

Some other quick news:
Nathan Smith‘s GABF pro-am Triple is now on tap at Triple Rock Brewpub in Berkeley. It is a fantastic beer and the west coast hops blend well with the Triple style. Great job on that one Nate!!! Please see this post for specifics on the beer
Also, got a chance to finally meet Chad Moshier (‘shat the producer’ of the Brewing Network). He has done a lot of great work behind the scenes for both the brewing network and for NHC this year. He is also quite the respectable homebrewer as well. Turns out he brewed the latest batch of Bill Brand Brown which was done as an English brown this time around. It comes in at a very drinkable ‘english’ ABV of 4.2%. Nice work Chad on that beer. While Triple Rock is pro-am’ing Nate’s beer at GABF, they will be taking Chad’s version of Bill Brand Brown out there to pour. Rodger Davis (brewmaster) wanted to pour a beer named after Bill in memory of him. That is great news and glad they are honoring Bill this way.

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