Mark Ruedrich audio interview posted

To hear the interview, please go to the Take it to the Brewer page.

Thanks to Mark Ruedrich and North Coast Brewing Co. for taking the time to do the interview and for his hospitality in general.

I had forgotten how cutoff Fort Bragg really is. It took a LOT of windy roads to get here from Ukiah, just in time for our scheduled interview. Literally with 3 mins until we had to be in his office, we were in the pub slamming a glass of Pranqster down in order to calm our nerves and get out of driving mode. Things turned out fine as we immediately felt comfortable with Mark when we got into his office. He’s cool, mellow, and tells great stories.

We talk about why he came to Fort Bragg (mainly due to his love of Steinbeck and tidepools).  We talk distribution: how far and wide North Coast beers are (45 states and 7 countries). Also plenty of great info on his beers, how he formulated old Rasputin, other beers, etc.  The last third of the interview is a tour on the produciton floor including: the brew system, fermentation tanks, bottling, and hiw cold storage area. Mark talks about future expansion and also a bit about his barrel program (yes, more good things to come in barrels). 

for photos of the Mad River brewery visit the photo gallery


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