Back to back brews: robust porter and pale ale

dual fermentationIt is tough finding time to brew when you have a family. You brew when you can and that generally meant about once every six weeks. Well this week I got to brew like one of those “lifers” I am always reading about (or listening to) and I brewed twice in one week.  A robust porter on Wenesday and a pale ale on Saturday. Hit all my numbers with both batches and no whoopsies or mistakes to report on.

 temperature controlMy brew method right now is about 2/3′s of the recipe with grain and a couple pounds of DME to get up to my OG. I used 2 pounds of DME for the Pale and 3 for the Porter.  I’m on the cusp of brewing all-grain, but for now I have a system that works very well for me and is producing tasty beer. I am hitting all of my numbers spot on for mash temp, pre-boil OG, Post boil OG, and FG. Fermentation control is going well and both beers are sitting rock solid at 68 degrees. I have really concentrated over the past year on brewing process and good yeast health and management. Propagating yeast has become fairly automatic now. Propagate the night before, pitch the next evening after brewing, and come down in the morning and witness about 2 fingers of kreusen. I guess I have to say that despite having a great system, my next batch will probably be all-grain. I’m setting up to batch sparge ala the Denny Conn method. Time to go all-grain!

I’ll bottle the porter since I want this around for the holidays but I will keg half the pale and put the rest in bottles. The keg will easier to bring into work as it has been a pain dragging in a few bottles and then having to get selective about the group that tries it since you don’t have too much.

What’s on deck for this winter in terms of brewing? well, probably more american or english brown, Irish red, and probably more porter…maybe split out the ferment using both american and english yeast or maybe some oak.pale ale fermentation






some detail on my temp control setup

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