GABF Pro Am brewday at Triple Rock with Nathan Smith

nate rodger george

Yesterday I made it over to Triple Rock Brewery in time to watch Nathan Smith finish up his Pro Am brewday there. Participating along with him were Brewmaster Rodger Davis and Brewer George Kumparak.
If any of you caught Nate’s facebook posting about this, you know he gave a clue about the beer. He mentioned bringing over some specialty malt and that’s it. So Triple Rock house yeast? Maybe probably. Hopefully we’ll get Nate to comment back with the details since I didn’t exactly ask if I should post the beer. I think folks will be pleasantly surprised as the beer is different than what he has done the past two years (read: session beer). I would suspect it will go on tap at Triple rock in about a month or around the GABF time frame. Look for “Nostalgiaholic Pale Ale” during that time frame.
Hanging with this group is always a pleasure and coincidentally, this is the second year in a row that they brewed their beer on my birthday. That is either luck or a jinx…I guess we’ll find out. During our beer and conversation, Nate the guy that he is, offered to climb in the boil kettle and scrub it down. Rodger offered lots of pointers to him while he was down there…..
Please have a look at the pics and click on any of them for a larger version. I did promise Rodger that I wouldn’t publish any more dumb photos of him so instead I included a dumb photo of myself with them.
Good luck you guys this year at GABF. You deserve a medal!
nate cleaning the boil kettle

Nathan not afraid of hard work….the kettle looked pretty darn clean in the end.

rodger davis and nathan smith
Post clean up…..

nathan smith rodger davis and george kumparak

My apologies to Nate and Rodger for this photo but it is pretty classic. George seems to questions this. Thank you to Nikon for your excellent continuous shoot mode.

nate jon and rodger
That’s all for this year’s brew. Cheers gentlemen. Good luck from the dumb guy in the middle. Nice T shirt BTW.

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3 Responses to “GABF Pro Am brewday at Triple Rock with Nathan Smith”

  1. Nor Cal Beer Guy Says:

    Nathan looks super creepy in the photo second from the bottom. Great pics of Rodger for sure.

  2. 22oz Bomber Says:

    Kind of a goth vampire album cover look to it. Knowing Nate a bit, I think he’ll get a chuckle out of it. Thanks for the comment Nor Cal Beer Guy!

  3. Nathan Smith Says:

    Hahaha.. Rodger makes the shot, as always! Thanks for capturing the moment Jon.
    Nostalgiaholic. Old school English pale ale. Think floor malted Maris Otter and English hops, less than 4% alcohol, Imperial pint drawn from a hand pump.

    Happy birthday Jon! Let’s see if I can line up another brew day on the same day next year.

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