Northern Brewer concept shots

Please look out for some of my shots in Northern Brewer’s catalog (and other advertising) starting late summer. Great people and great company. I believe this is the start of a great relationship since we share similar ideas and of course mutual love of home brewed beer.
Here are some concepts shots using the glassware they sent out to me. The late summer cover shot is mine but you’ll have to wait to see that one…don’t want to ruin the surprise. Oh, and don’t forget to order some supplies from them!
Click the pics for bigger versions.

Northern Brewer concept shot

Northern Brewer glass

Northern Brewer glass and hat

2 Responses to “Northern Brewer concept shots”

  1. beerbliographer Says:

    Nice shots! Now I’m thirsty…

  2. Push Eject Says:

    Rad. Love the mood & vibe of these, JW

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