Mad River Brewing Co. photos and commentary

We had to get to this interview at 10:30 AM in the morning after a night of drinking at the North Coast Brewing brewpub (Fort Bragg). Everything actually went well until we hit highway 1 going back inland. By the time we got to highway 101 me and Jonny the audio guy were pretty green. We continued to haul ass up 101 to hit our scheduled interview. Amazingly, we were within a minute or two of our 10:30 time. Whew!
We were feeling much better by the time we got there and we were greeted by Bob in front of the brewery. As I said before, Bob is a very smart and business savvy man. He was also very nice and a pleasure to hang out with. After the interview, he invited us into the tasting room where we tried a few beers. When Bob walked into the tasting room an Extra Pale Ale was poured for him without anything said. This is Bob’s go to beer. I am happy that this beer got GABF gold this year in the Blonde category. I’m sure Bob is proud to post another gold medal next to his gold medal from last year.
After we said our thank yous and good byes to Bob, we hung out with our beer while the lady who was working in the tap room was busy vacuum sealing 4oz bags of cascade hops. Why? They were for the local homebrewers. Yeast pitches and grain are available as well. I noticed while interviewing up here that the pro brewers were very accommodating to homebrewers. Very cool. While working through a scotch porter, one of the brewers came in with a keg that he hooked up….it was a pilot batch of this year’s John Barleycorn. We got to try some and it was young, rough, and delicious. They switch up who brews it every year and this brewer was commenting on how he was going to “back off on the chocolate malt so that the caramel malt comes through a little more”.
Blus Lake is a small town east of Eureka, it is slow going and Bob and his staff love the area. I would have loved to have spent more time there and will get back there in the future for sure.

for photos of the Mad River brewery visit the photo gallery


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