Briar Bush of Lost Coast Brewing Co. – audio interview posted/ trip commentary

Lost Coast BrewpubThis is the interview that almost didn’t happen. We were scheduled to link up with Briar at 5pm on a Saturday. After a long day, I didn’t call in to him until 4:30. No answer. Tried his cell at 4:45pm and no answer. I figured we missed him and we decided to just go to the Lost Coast Pub and roll through some of their beers and have some food.
The pub was fanstastic. It was packed at 6pm and so we got seats at the bar. We noticed two or three beers that we hadn’t ever seen in bottles so we gravitated towards them. I don’t have any notes on this but they had a Scottish Wee Heavy that was tasty and straight up to style. They also had a chocolate porter that was extremely tasty.
After about three rounds of beers and a big plate of fried oysters my cell phone starts ringing. I answer and it is Briar. He was apologizing profusely as he was at an all day wedding and I hadn’t called earlier to verify that I truly was up in Eureka. I thanked him for calling and told him everything was fine and that we can catch up some other time. The food and the beer were plenty good so we were happy. We said our good byes and we got back to our great beers and food.Lost Coast Brewing Logo
A short while later the phone at the bar rings and the lady said it was for me. Huh? I go around and it is Briar on the line. He said he felt bad and that he was coming down to the pub to give us a tour. Fantastic! I send Jonny Audio back to the hotel (5 blocks away) for the audio gear. A short while after Jonny gets back, we were joined by Briar and his Wife. With our bellies full of great beer, we hop in Briar’s truck for the short ride down to the production brewery, about 5 blocks away from the pub. It was a dark and quiet area of industrial Eureka. Not scary dark, more peaceful dark. We unload and went through a door that led us into there office area. We chatted for a bit and got the recorder rolling.
When we opened the door to the brewery, the lights were off and it was dark. Briar found the switch and lo and behold right in fron of our faces were a couple of grain silos. The interview went well and it was great to learn all about Lost Coast Brewing with the unusual treat of dong our tour in the night when the facility was closed. Outside of some glycol chiller compressor noise the audio came out well.
I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Cheers.

for photos of the Lost Coast Brewing tour go to the photo gallery.

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