Carlos Sanchez, Brewmaster for Six Rivers Brewing Co., audio interview posted

The final interview for our Medocino and Humboldt County tour is now posted to the Take it to the Brewer page.
Carlos is an easy going, humble man who brews great beer. Besides his GABF medals, he also makes a great Framboise which is known widely up in Humboldt (we learned about it while at the Lost Coast pub and then Ted Vivitson talked it up as well). Our conversation was smooth and easy as Carlos tells great stories about his life as a brewer.
I’d like to especially thank Carlos as he made the trek back home from a beer festival down by the Russian River. He could have easily shined us on but that’s not the kind of guy he is. Good thing we had his pilsner easily available to take the edge off!

What’s next for Take it to the Brewer? We will return to the Bay Area for a couple interviews in January and then we hit the road again in February to get some more interviews. Stay Tuned!!




for photos of the interview please go here.


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  1. Solar Bozo Says:

    Carlos makes good beer. I’ve been drinking his beer since before he worked in breweries.

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