Take it to the Brewer presents Nick Campbell, Brewmaster for Blue Frog Grog and Grill

Couple personal notes first. I finished bottling my west coast big red ale last night just in time before having our second child, who is due at anytime now. The beer is big, 7.4% (mash temp was a little lower than I hoped….1.010 was final FG) and 55 IBU. My wife should love it, it is her style (read: hoppy/bitter) and she’ll get to enjoy some after we have our daughter. My personal gift to her.

On to business:nick_campbell
We started our second Take it to the Brewer road trip by hooking up and talking with Brewmaster Nick Campbell. Nick was humble and gracious host and we thoroughly enjoyed his beers. I got to know Blue Frog through their bottled offerings and I really enjoy their Blonde (actually an Imperial Blonde by stats) and their DIPA. At the brewpub, I had probably what is one of my favorite rye beers, which says alot because I’m not too big on rye as a beer ingredient. Very drinkable and we polished off a growler of it later that afternoon in Chico (yep, we liked it so much we had to take some with us). We were able to sample some of his barrel projects, both were wonderful. I wish we had recorded that tasting as my memory is now a bit thin on it but both beers had very inviting aromas and a smooth taste. One was being aged in a Syrah barrel (Nick, correct me if I’m wrong on that) and that beer was particularly smooth and the wine essence blended particularly well.
I have to say, I walked in to the interview already having respect for Nick’s beers but afterwards, I have even more. Nick is gifted. Look for some of his specialty beers to come out in bottles this year in Northern California and listen to the audio for more detail on that. Thank you to Nick and Blue Frog for their time, beers, and hospitality. Also, don’t forget to have a look at the photo gallery that goes with the tour.



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