who is 22oz Bomber?

I’m what is known as an East Bay lifer. Born and raised in Oakland and currently living in Berkeley with my lovely wife and the coolest daughter you could imagine. I am a long time beer lover who has been learning about this wonderful beverage since I began brewing and appreciating craft beer at the ago of 22. More recently, my wife taught me all about wines and through her incredible sense of smell was able to help me develop better tasting skills. I took that knowledge and applied it to beer. I still love wine as well.
The blog, beerobsessed main site, and the take it to the brewer interview series has brought together some of my skills obtained over the years (both professionally and non-professionally) including: love of beer, web design and engineering, audio engineering, and most in importantly curiousity about the beer industry and all that is included.
Thanks for stopping by.