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BrewingTV episode 32 …and never knowing when that shot will hit.

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Brewing TV with Nathan Smith

I love beer and I love photography and it is always great when I can do both at one time. I shot hundreds of photos over the two days I was with Brewing TV and unfortunately I was rusty. My settings were off and I had to do way too much work in post. I was happy to get a few good shots but I’m always surprised by what the best shot ends up being.
The shot above popped out right away when I reviewed photos the following Monday. The weird thing is I never would have believed it at the time I shot it. A hasty lighting setup after BTV shoots their episode, a few shots with a portrait lens, and then “aw hell I’ll try a couple with the wide angle”. I fire off a couple akward shots since the lens was, er, right in Chip’s crotch….and he did remind me of that a couple times. Good lesson here is always try things, you never know. Also, if you are interested in portaits then please consider the wide angle lens. I would say half of my favorite portraits are with a wide angle.
So Brewing TV episode 32 goes live on Friday and Chip Inc. did a great job. Lots of good homebrewing by Nathan Smith and lost of beer drinking and interviewing around the bay (well, Marin, Berkeley, and Oakland anyways…..hey we took our time!). Can’t thank Chip, Michael, and Jake enough for letting me weasel my way in and help out with their trip out here. Most definitely look forward to seeing them at NHC San Diego this year and sharing pints again….and this time I won’t have to DD so look out boys. Some more shots from Nate’s below. Don’t forget to click on any photo for a bigger view.

Time to brew with Nathan SmithThe beginning of the Time to Brew segment for BTV episode 32.Cheese spread ala Nicole ErnyOf course we had Cicerone Nicole Erny there and she did not dissappoint. Thank you Nicole.

Chip Walton in productionThe one problem with content aquisition and beer drinking is you may not always be sober. Chip is a professional through and through.

Jason PetrosGood to see Jason Petros of the Brewing Network. JP solved a major logistics issue for the crew prior to the shoot. Thank you JP.Michael Dawson suited upMichael Dawson suited up for hop additions while Chip cleans his lens with wort steam.

Brewing TV and Nathan SmithHere’s what the portrait lens got me. Brew for all!

Ted Vivitson, Founder and President of Eel River Brewing Co. Audio Interview now posted.

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Ted Vivitson of Eel River Brewing Co.We arrived at the Eel River brewpub in Fortuna on a Sunday at noon. That gave us about one hour before Ted showed up. I had both the blonde and the amber which I enjoyed. Both beers are certified organic as are most other at the brewpub.
When Ted arrived, we were put at ease right away as he is an easy going guy. He loves life in Humboldt county and when he isn’t working hard he likes to have a good time. In most cases that means getting in his fishing boat and heading out into the pacific ocean for some serious fishing. If you aren’t talkning beer with Ted, you might talk fishing…one of his other passions.
For the interview, Ted suggested we all top off our beers and go out into the beer garden as the sun had just opened up. We had a great conversation and hit a few different topics in the interview. After this we went to the brew house portion of the brewery (we topped off our beers on the way). The conversation carried on for a while after the interview and we talked about growing up in the east bay (Ted was born and raised in Danville) and his experiences with the the show Project Green, where his beers were featured in an episode and Ted was in the show as well.
I certainly hope to meet up with Ted again at some point for more conversations and beer. I like his style and his idea of fun. Perhaps a follow up interview at his production brewery in Scotia. We’ll see.

for a photo gallery of the interview click here.

Ukiah Brewing Company interview posted

Friday, September 5th, 2008

To hear the interview, please go to the Take it to the Brewer page.

Thanks to Bret Cooperrider for taking the time to do the interview and for his hospitality in general. Bret is a great guy and spending time with him at the brewery was a lot of fun.

The shots below can be clicked on for a bigger image and they may help to put the interview into a visual context.  The last shot was scribbled on the bathroom wall in front of the urinal and I couldn’t resist.


ukiah brewing companyukiah brewing company signage

ukiah brewing company fermentation tanksukiah brewing co's brew systemukiah brewing canning system

brent cooperrider pouring his doppelbockukiah brewing emancipator doppelbockBrent Cooperrider and Ilsd

American Brown Ale Brew Notes

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Took the day off Wednesday to brew an American Brown. Again, I used the Jamil Z recipe from his book “brewing classic styles”. I did do a couple of adjustments: I did a mini-mash with 3 lbs. of DME to make up the difference and I used Magnum, Cascade, and Amarillo hops setup to his IBU schedule.

The brew is fementing nicely and I have no complaints so far. I missed my mash temp by 1 degree but I held it at 151 for 60 minutes. Also, I bought a wine fridge this time for fermentation. Wine coolers are nice because they slowly cycle down to the temp you set so that you don’t take a chance at shocking the yeast. The bad thing about them is they need to be inside since they should be operated in a room that is between 55 – 80 degrees. So you can’t really use it in your garage.

The thermal mass of the 6.5 gallon carboy seems to keep the temp of the cooler at about 59-60 degrees (without the carboy, I got down to low 50′s), I still have a couple lower settings but 60 is fine. With the air at 60 inside the cooler, I then temp control a fermwrap to 67 degrees and keep the carboy wrapped in a thin blanket. I pitched yeast at 67 and the temp has remained dead on so far. Sweet. Fire and forget temp control finally.

Other than that, I hit my numbers (O.G. of 1.48). I did have to top up with a half gallon of water towards the end of boil to get my number….it seems I always have to do this. With the immersion chiller in the boil kettle, I need to remember that I need to be at 6.5 gallons in order to hit Jamil’s numbers.

The wine cooler setup for fermentation.  I don’t like to open the door for too long as it takes the cooler a bit to get back down to temparature.

The photo was taken about 24 hours after pitch (I pitched about a 1200ml starter of White Labs Cal Ale yeast).

Wine cooler has purchased at Home Depot for 200 bucks. It fits a 6.5 gallon carboy perfectly.

Why not a chest freezer? I don’t like the idea of lifting a heavy glass carboy that high…..twice!

American Wheat homebrew tasting

Monday, June 23rd, 2008
Well here is the final product from my super simple wheat brew from below. It came out pretty good and I noted a couple changes for next time.
Color: a lighter schneider weisse. Orange/Amber. Head is about 1 finger.
Aroma: fresh citris lemony….not really so much hops in the smell but perhaps the kolsch yeast as well? wheat malt comes in after the hops.
Taste: very slight bitterness making the wheat malt more noticable. A malt thickness to it (relatively speaking for a wheat beer).
Finish: mild bitterness, lemony. Lingers.
Carbonation: nice wouldn’t mind it to be *slightly* higher
Beer is clean with no noticeable defects. I think the wheat malt taste would be improved if this was brewed all-grain. Even though DME will rid me of twang, it is going to be hard to duplicate an all-grain’s malt character in a subtle beer like this.
Overall I think a good effort but next time I will shoot for .1-.2 more of carbonation volume and 5 IBUs more of hops. I calculate that I had about 2.35 of carb so about 2.5 would be better (4.4 ounces of sugar to 5 gals).