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Brewing TV lands in the Bay Area for a whirlwind 4 days of production

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

brewing TV at Golden Gate bridgeDawson and Jake cut an intro at our first stop.

Last Thursday the boys from Brewing TV landed in San Francisco for 4 days of production for future episodes. I was honored to be able to help them out on Thursday and Friday. Our time was well spent, by Friday afternoon, they had already bagged 4 brewer interviews, 2 homebrewer interviews (one who has gone pro), and one distinguished beer writer. Their weekend activities consisted of more interviews with Heretic Brewing, homebrewing with the Brewing Network, and guest appearances on the Sunday Session. Makes me tired reminding myself of all this but great times indeed and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
For now, here are a couple shots of the crew and a couple shots of interviews. There are plenty more photos to post down the road. Keep an eye on for episodes to start airing sometime in February. I’ll try and post in conjunction.

Quick note: first my apologies for laying low the past few months. I guess after 3 years of posting stuff up here I just ran out of steam. While I thought often about what I should do with this website, I was reminded by my time with the BrewingTV boys on why I do this stuff.
It’s not about the beer. If it was, we would all be sitting in our houses drinking beer by ourselves. It’s about the people you meet through beer. I contemplated this during my time off from posting. I have met a bunch of really great people through this blog, one fine example of this is below and so I return:
jake keeler and jay brooksJake Keeler talking with Jay Brooks at Marin Brewing Co.

chip waltonChip Walton checking mic levels at Triple Rock Brewpub.

adam lamoreauxChip shooting Adam Lamoreaux down at Linden St. Brewing Co.

nathan smith and michael dawsonShooting a Time to Brew segment with Nathan Smith.

SF Beer Week opening gala event

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

SF Beer Week Opening Gala Toast

I’m finally getting caught up here and already I have to get ready to leave for Sour monday at Triple Rock(ed note: um that was yesterday and was fun, more on it in a later post). So here we go:
First of all thank you to Jay Brooks for being classy enough to invite the Bay Area Beer Blogging faithful. We all work for free and do it on the side because we love it. Inviting us to the event helps validate everything we do and makes us feel more part of the scene.
Also to Rich Higgins. Great to witness his rise up not only directing SF Beer Week but his new business ventures as well. Rich is a great guy and he will be successful.

Jay Brooks

I have been wanting to start taking more pictures of beer people as opposed to actual beer…which I have been doing a lot of. Shooting a picture of a beer is easy, it poses the way you want it to and doesn’t complain. I just feel the need to branch out more. So with the Opening Gala, I felt a little self serving (or not since I plan to post the pics at various spots around the web) in wanting to capture a lot of folks in a short time. If I stuck a camera in your face, I might need to apologize but the good news is that I probably have a great photo of you and I’m working on them now (along with writing this).
There was a lot of beer people to see and beers to drink (many high octane ones ). BTW, the classiest detail for me was providing actual stemware for the event. Nice touch. It’s probably easier for me to write what I missed so here we go in no particular order:

  • Jesse Friedman – my camera toting brother. I know you were there but I seemed to pass you by.
  • Stephen Beaumont - Next to Jay Brooks here is someone all of us bloggers look up to. I know he is in town and I know he will be at Sour Monday so I’ll catch him then(ed note…..I didn’t)
  • Colin Kaminski - Colin and I are in the extreme verge of hooking up. It didn’t happen at the Gala so we stay extreme.
  • Ted Vivitson - It is admittedly tough to see Eel River taps and no Ted. If you haven’t shared a few beers with Ted, you need to.
  • No BN army - OK, Justin Crossley was there but he was undercover. Even more weird I was wearing my BN army shirt and I was an army of one that night (ed note….Sean Paxton had his BN hat on, that counts)

I have more photos to come including ones shot at Sour Monday at Triple Rock…look out for them soon and here’s a couple more shots from the night:

Rodger and Jesse - Triple RockSF Beer Week opening gala toast