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Brewing TV lands in the Bay Area for a whirlwind 4 days of production

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

brewing TV at Golden Gate bridgeDawson and Jake cut an intro at our first stop.

Last Thursday the boys from Brewing TV landed in San Francisco for 4 days of production for future episodes. I was honored to be able to help them out on Thursday and Friday. Our time was well spent, by Friday afternoon, they had already bagged 4 brewer interviews, 2 homebrewer interviews (one who has gone pro), and one distinguished beer writer. Their weekend activities consisted of more interviews with Heretic Brewing, homebrewing with the Brewing Network, and guest appearances on the Sunday Session. Makes me tired reminding myself of all this but great times indeed and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
For now, here are a couple shots of the crew and a couple shots of interviews. There are plenty more photos to post down the road. Keep an eye on for episodes to start airing sometime in February. I’ll try and post in conjunction.

Quick note: first my apologies for laying low the past few months. I guess after 3 years of posting stuff up here I just ran out of steam. While I thought often about what I should do with this website, I was reminded by my time with the BrewingTV boys on why I do this stuff.
It’s not about the beer. If it was, we would all be sitting in our houses drinking beer by ourselves. It’s about the people you meet through beer. I contemplated this during my time off from posting. I have met a bunch of really great people through this blog, one fine example of this is below and so I return:
jake keeler and jay brooksJake Keeler talking with Jay Brooks at Marin Brewing Co.

chip waltonChip Walton checking mic levels at Triple Rock Brewpub.

adam lamoreauxChip shooting Adam Lamoreaux down at Linden St. Brewing Co.

nathan smith and michael dawsonShooting a Time to Brew segment with Nathan Smith.

photo shoot: greeting the dawn with Adam Lamoreaux of Linden St. Brewing Co.

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Adam Lamoreaux 6:25 AM
I had threatened Adam about three times in the past that I wanted to get some shots of him for use here (and other things big). I finally made good on my promise. Since now is a great sky time, it had to be morning, I mean dusk morning, or evening. I can’t really do evening these days so knowing Adam is not only a brewer, a Dad, and former Navy, I didn’t think asking him to meet him at 6am was a big deal and it wasn’t. We shot about 75 photos and out of those there were about a dozen winners. Here’s three of them.
Note to self, while I am happy with the shots, never forget to have your subject do a variety of expressions. while I did get the ”tired and proud brewer” look I didn’t get one of Adam out right smiling. Folks who know Adam understand that he is a very cool, mellow, all round nice guy. A couple of the shots that I took, well, he could be in the band Slayer but what the heck, I’m happy and hopefully so is Adam.
Oh, and yes, out of prinicpal, I had a glass of Adam’s dark lager at 6am.  Please clicky on the photos for a higher res version.Adam Lamoreaux6:10AM

Adam Lamoreaux conquering kegdom6:15am

Bay Area Mashers meet at Linden St. Brewing

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Bay Area Mashers Glassware

Last Thursday, the Bay Area Mashers held their monthly club meeting at Linden Street Brewing Company. Linden owner and brewmaster Adam Lamoreaux, always the gratious host and all around nice guy, Adam Lamoreaux with a rare Brooklyn Brewing beerhad two of his beers on tap for club members. Linden Street is a fantastic space and a fun easy going place to hang out.
The big topic of the night during the actual meeting portion was the World Cup of Beer. This long time BAM sponsered event was held at the Trumer Brewery in Berkeley. BAM had a record number of entries, well in to the 600 range. Entries (and medals) came and went out to several states. It is fair to state that World Cup of Beer is a national level competition at this point and I can only assume that their will be even more entries next year. The other good news is that the event ran very well and BAM got plenty of compliments from attendess. I’m sad that I missed the event but I certainly hope to make it next year.
There was leftover entry beer from the comp and members were welcome to open some and try them out. The quality was high in general and I remember trying a very clean and drinkable american pale ale and an amazing cherry wood smoked robust porter. Subtle smoke that hit you towards the end.
Of course the company was great and always good to see members I already know and to meet a few new ones as well. Looking forward to next months meeting.
For more photos, please go here.

Linden street tap handles

The Brewing Network’s Winterfest a resounding success

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

note: pics were taken well after Winterfest at the Trappist in Oakland. Pretty much the only pics that I got that day. OK, back to it:
Justin Crossley and BadrockLast Saturday, the Brewing Network held their first beer festival at Linden Street Brewing Company in Oakland. I predicted that the BN would firmly establish themselves as a beer fest and they did. Frankly, that was an easy bet. You would understand why by walking around the festival itself. The volunteers were a whos who of Bay Area beer writers/bloggers, homebrewers, and BN faithful. The event promotion didn’t hurt either. Justin Crossley and co., including Nicole Erny headed over to UC Berkeley’s KALX to talk about the Winterfest and SF Beer Week. What was the effect? After I got off at West Oakland BART to walk to the festival I noticed a stream of college age students headed in that Adam Lamoreauxdirection.
The organization of the event was spot on for a first effort as well. Most impressive was walking down the closed side street and seeing a sign that read “if you want beer, start here”. You couldn’t make it any easier. The event featured over 40 beers on tap and had food venders including Sean Paxton who roasted two whole pigs on site. While the crowds were huge, it never took long to get a beer or food. The lines for Sean Paxtons food were long but on the far side was a falafel stand with no line. Quick and easy way to fill the stomach. The Bay Area Mashers had a homebrew stand and the beers there were terrific. There were bands all day and other stands including a custom bicycle company and Oaklandish folks selling their clothing (yes, this native Oaklander was finally able to pick up an Oaklandish shirt).
Adam LamoreauxThe event lasted from 1pm to 8pm, fortunately I stuck it out and was able to grab one of the pig sandwiches in the end and I wasn’t dissapointed. Seeing how I didn’t get the clue to volunteer prior to the event, I was able to lend a hand breaking down the event in the end. The crowds cleared out easily and the running out of beer timing couldn’t have been better. By about 7-ish there were probably one or two beers on tap and the crowd was tapped out anyway. A few gentle yells of “time to go” and the place was empty.
I had the pleasure of catching an after event round of drinks at the Trappist with Justin,  BNer and volunteer extroidinare Adam “badrock” Petramala, Adam of Linden Street, and several others including Adam’s partner (although we had a long great converstion I apologetically can’t remember his name….)and Paul from Bay Area Mashers. I was able to catch a couple shots and my job was done. An all day beer fest and now I had to run to the last BART train. I can only imagine how tired that crew felt.
So was there anything bad about the event? No, but they may need to go to a different venue next year to have room for the even bigger crowds.