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How do you feed 1000 homebrewers a great meal? We go behind the scenes with Sean Paxton at the NHC awards dinner.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Sean Paxton in the kitchenAt the National Homebrewing Conference Awards dinner, I had the pleasure of shooting some pics of Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton in the kitchen preparing the dinner. The idea to do this all started with the question, “how do you feed 1000 people? and how do you do it as well as Sean Paxton?”. Technically it was 930ish people but if you look at the shot of the tables below, it doesn’t matter. This is a daunting task.
When I met Sean in the kitchen he was his relaxed, jovial self as usual. Much of the hard work was done and it was a matter of watching the staff, offering any sought after advice, and consults with Sheraton Executive Chef Chad and others. You can tell it takes a tight, well coordinated team to do this and it started with mutual respect for each other. Everyone definitely got along well in the kitchen.
Thank you to Sean for the opportunity to shot some photos of you in action!
Check the photos below and don’t forget to click on them for a higher res version:

tables for nhc awards dinner

A lot of work ahead of them but the staff at the Sheraton filled and emptied tables of food quite smoothly.

Sean Paxton

The one and only Sean Paxton.

Fresh walleye caught by John Maier
Fresh walleye caught by John Maier, Brewmaster for Rogue Brewing Co. He snagged the fish while he was out in Minnesota for the convention.

Sean and Chad discuss
Sheraton Executive Chef Chad has a quick discussion about one of the dishes.

veggie prep

contemplating temperature
Examining the temperature of one of the dishes.

plating the dinners
Executive Chef Chad overseeing some of the food plating

killer Sean
Probably a sign that I need to get out of the kitchen.

Sean Paxton and Marriot Executive Chef Chad

Sean Paxton and Sheraton Executive Chef Chad……the job is done. Time to eat. Nice work!